University of Louisville
American History 1, 211
Dr. Carol Ely


There is a web site for our textbook, Gary Nash and Julie Roy Jeffrey, The American People
(If you have trouble accessing this, let me know)

General history-related sites:

Commonplace, an internet history magazine with short interesting articles
Internet Women's History Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
The History Channel online
History Wired, from the Smithsonian Institution - shows artifacts & objects in context arranged by date and other associations
Family Search, a gateway to genealogy research (can be used for other kinds of historical research too)
Ancestry, another genealogy site (has membership option, but a lot of the info. is available for free on the site)
American Memory, online holdings of the Library of Congress
National Park Service online
American Historial Review - scholarly articles

Sites with primary sources and materials for the period from settlement to 1865:

Thomas Hariot's A Briefe and True Report... on Virginia
Site for the book and film "A Midwife's Tale" - we will see part of this later in the year
Primary source documents in American History
Primary sources for the age of exploration
E-text center - manuscripts, early books
Plimoth Plantation - recreated Pilgrim village and museum
The Plymouth Colony Archive Project at the University of Virginia
Witchcraft in Salem Village - documents, maps, and analysis
History and archeology of Jamestown, Virginia
Virtual Jamestown
Valley of the Shadow - Two Communities in the American Civil War
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
The Lincolns from PBS' American Experience series
The Amistad case
The Federalist Papers
Documenting the American South - important primary sources including slave narratives (first-person accounts of life in servitude), and the Southern home front during the Civil War

Research help:

Guide to Web citations, MLA style

Local historical organizations:

Kentucky Historical Society
The Filson Club, Louisville's Historical Society
Historic Locust Grove
Local history sources from the Louisville Public Library