University of Louisville
American History 1, 211
Dr. Carol Ely


Other excellent books you can refer to for this course:


David D. Hall, Worlds of Wonder, Days of Judgement
McCusker and Menard, The Economy of British America, 1607-1789
T. H. Breen, Puritans and Adventurers
Stephen Innes, Work and Labor in Early America
Edmund Morgan, American Slavery, American Freedom
James Horn, Adapting to a New World
Tate and Ammerman,The Chesapeake in the 17th Century
Laurel Ulrich, Good Wives
Bernard Bailyn,The New England Merchants in the 17th Century
Deetz and Deetz, The Times of Their Lives
Mary Beth Norton, Founding Mothers and Fathers
David Fischer, Albion's Seed
Michael Zuckerman, Peaceable Kingdoms
Perry Miller, Errand into the Wilderness
Edmund Morgan, The Puritan Family
Philip Greven, Four Generations
Kenneth Lockridge, A New England Town
Ivor Noel Hume, Martin's Hundred
Donna Merwick, Death of a Notary
John Demos, Entertaining Satan
Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum, Salem Possessed
William Cronin, Changes in the Land
Rutman and Rutman, A Place in Time
Michael Kammen, Colonial New York
Giles Morton, Big Chief Elizabeth


Robert Gross,The Minutemen and Their World
Rhys Isaac, The Transformation of Virginia
David Hackett Fischer, Paul Revere's Ride
Edmund Morgan, The Birth of the Republic
Bernard Bailyn, Ideological Origins of the American Revolution
Michael Pearson, Those Damned Rebels
Bernard Bailyn, The Origins of American Politics
Gary Nash, Urban Crucible
James Lemon, The Best Poor Man's Country
Morgan and Morgan, The Stamp Act Crisis
Hiller Zobel, The Boston Massacre
Alfred Young, The Shoemaker and the Tea Party
Pauline Maier, From Resistance to Revolution
Linda Kerber, Women of the Republic Robert Middlekaupf, The Glorious Cause
Mary Beth Norton, Liberty's Daughters
Edward Countryman, A People in Revolution
Joseph Ellis, American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson
Gordon Wood, Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787
Leonard Levy, Origins of the Bill of Rights

Early Republic

Sean Wilentz, Chants Democratic
Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America
John C. Miller, The Federalist Era
Paul Johnson, A Shopkeeper's Millenium
Nancy Cott, The Bonds of Womanhood
Arthur Schlesinger, The Age of Jackson
Jack Larkin, The Reshaping of Everyday Life
Bernard Bailyn, The Ordeal of Thomas Hutchinson
Jonathan Prude, The Coming of Industrial Order
David Rothman, The Discovery of the Asylum
Howard Rock, Artisans of the New Republic
Stephen Ambrose, Undaunted Courage
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, A Midwife's Tale
Richard Beeman, Evolution of the Southern Backcountry
Stephen Aron, How the West was Lost
Joan Jensen, Loosening the Bonds: Midatlantic Farm Women
Robert Remini, Andrew Jackson
Thomas Dublin, Women at Work
Christine Stanstell, City of Women
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Inside the Plantation Household
Suzanne Lebsock, The Free Women of Petersburg
Frank Owsley, Plain Folk of the Old South
Ronald Waters, American Reformers
Drew Gilpin, Mothers of Invention

Civil War Era

James McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom
David Potter, The Impending Crisis
Kenneth Stampp, America in 1857
David Donald, Lincoln


Horton and Horton, The Hard Road to Freedom
Eugene Genovese, Roll, Jordan, Roll
Daniel Littlefield, Rice and Slaves
Peter H. Wood, Black Majority
Richard S. Dunn, Sugar and Slaves
Winthrop Jordan, White Over Black
Mechal Sobel, The World They Made Together
Ira Berlin, Many Thousands Gone
Gary B. Nash, Red, White, and Black
Herbert Gutman, The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom

Primary Sources

Thomas Paine, Common Sense
Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography
Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin (fiction)